Friday, January 30, 2009

Broken with Style!

Ok, So I have had several people want to hear the whole embarrassing story about how I messed up my hand! So here it cheeks and all! LOL

Most of you know that I volunteer at Pierce County Juvenile Court and have for about 7 years (with a break in the middle for about a year). Well one of my cases was in Trial and had reconvened after the snow\Christmas break (pun not intended, but works!). We generally always meet at 9 am in the court room for this case had gone on for several days. I was just right on time and speed walked my way to the court room on the 2ND floor. When I had gotten there the door was locked with no one inside...then it hit me...I forgot that the Judge was switching Court rooms at the beginning of the year. So I speed walked to the other side of the court house and just as I pass the security check in point, my heal slipped from under me. I tried to prevent myself from falling by doing the several leaps forward. Unfortunately there was a sign in front of me, as well as 10 security officers, several cops and about 20 attorneys! So yes, I bit it really hard taking the sign down with me! I heard everybody stop...gasp and say "oh, my gosh that was such a bad fall!" Several people approached me asking if I was OK, or if I needed medical attention...honestly....I just wanted out of there!!! NOW!! I quickly said no, but I held up my left hand and winched in pain. I had landed on my hand and bent 3 of my fingers all the way back to where they touched my wrist. Wanting to cry so much but I felt like I had to put on a brave face as I scuffled to the elevator. Which of course was being held open by onlookers!! When I arrived to the court room (now 5 min late!) in extreme pain, I saw the girl that I am a CASA for outside the court room. I had asked her why she wasn't inside yet and she said she was waiting for her attorney, I was thinking awe man! But I think the real kicker was when I went inside to take my seat at the Prosecutors table and told them what had happened, they pretty much said, "Well court doesn't start until 930 today!" as they laughed! So I bit it for nothing, but at least I went in style! And yes...on camera!! LOL

The only sad part was that I sat all through Trial (until 330) then went home and had Donnie go to school until about 7pm. then I went to the hospital and waited in the lobby for about 7 more hours to be seen! So almost a whole day of pain. I messed it up pretty bad, tore some capillaries and possible some cartilage too!

(note the glitter on the board with just blue! It needed some sparkle! lol)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Here's Something to Digest

Emma has been really into learning how her body works. She has a body book that gives detailed information on hearing, seeing, smelling, muscles and the skeleton, and--of course, the digestive tract. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise to us when one day it would all sink in or 'out' as I should say.
The other day, Emma had asked for a hot chocolate and Daddy made her one with some marshmallows to top it off. When she came up to me, she said, "Mmmmm, that hot chocolate was delicious... Hot chocolate comes out as pee pee and the marshmallows come out the butt as poo poo." Feeling proud of her new-found understanding, she preceded to tell me over and over again while I acknowledge her brilliance and cracked up laughing.

Meldrum Family Christmas Letter

Meldrum Family Secret Recipe for 2008
2 Kids, one girl and one boy
2 Parents, one Mommy and one Daddy
1 Cat named Caesar
1 single van to get around in
3 Bedroom Apartment
½ as much time in a day as we'd like
A pinch of the unexpected
Heaping tablespoons of love and affection
Sprinkled with supportive family and friends
Take a new 3 bedroom apartment, preheat to 67° F (This may take some extra firewood this winter). Paint boy's room orange and decorate with “the Backyardigan's”. Give girl's room a flower theme. Move in boxes and furniture. Add parents then, while stirring, add kids (this will keep the mixture from setting). Add cat for garnish. Yields 1 happy home.
In the summer, take 1 airplane to Walt Disney World, roast kids and parents in the high 90's, making sure to baste them in occasional thunderstorms. (Don't worry they'll still have fun.) Dress little girl as Cinderella at the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique. Stand in long lines to meet all their favorite Disney characters. Employ 1 babysitter to let parents go on some faster rides. Be sure to get lots of pictures and souvenirs.
In the fall, send girl to preschool four days a week. She will make friends, play games, and learn lots of new things (she'll tell you all about it when she gets off the bus). Her communication skills will improve. She will learn to use a computer and to read books with her Daddy each night before bed. The little boy will be learning to talk all this time, his favorite words being things like “Car!” and “Cookie!” and “Vroom, vroom!”. He will perfect his Cookie Monster impression, jamming pretend cookies into his mouth. With proper care, the kids will grow faster than you can buy larger size clothes.
With all the time spent on the kids, don't leave the Mommy and Daddy on the back burner. Mommy will support Daddy as he continues school, taking classes and teaching workshops. Daddy will also need to support Mommy with her Apartment Management job and her volunteering at Pierce County Juvenile Court. Both will need to work together in rearing the two kids into the wonderful adults they will become. For presentation, try to get the kids to brush their teeth, put on outfits that match, and hold still long enough to brush their hair. Bath time will be fun, but bedtime will be a challenge. The kids will use gratitude sparingly, but when they say “I love you!” on their own, your hearts will melt.
During the whole process, be sure to add heaping tablespoons of love and patience. Sprinkle in fun and games, using every opportunity that comes up to teach life lessons.
Warning! Making this recipe results in a messy kitchen (and messy living room and bedrooms, etc.) but when your done, everyone will tell you what a beautiful family you have!
Emma, Bryce, Christina and Donnie