Friday, July 31, 2009

Beach time...4th of July....

We decided to enjoy our 4th of July by going to the Beach! Though it's not like California beaches but we still had a blast! Here is a picture of our "Sandman" Emma was so excited to make him, she kept going around to find the perfect eyes...but mommy had to have a say in it and insisted that the 2 eyes match in size and color! lol
Bryce Harley and Emma had fun attempting to make sand was so hot out that the sand was to dry to do anything. It took Donnie and Emma about 15 trips from the water to where we were dumping buckets of water in our little ditch.

Ahhh, the Meldrum feet!

Daddy and Emma playing together

"Mommy, it's so cold!!!" It may be hot out but the water was freezing!

Emma is trying really hard not to trip on the rocks in the water. She didn't want to lose the water in her bucket! She is so cute but determined!

"CHEESE" I love this picture of our sweet little girl!

MMMMMMMMmmmmmm, yummy food! Emma and Bryce love picnics so I decided that we would do a fun one at the beach. Here is our spread! maybe Emma didn't really like the spread after all! (note...look at Emma's face!)

Minus one child unhappy with the food choices we truly enjoyed our 4th of July...We love spending time as a family and having fun. And what could make a day end better then an awesome display of fireworks!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zoo trip time!

It was late in the afternoon and we went to the Zoo while Donnie was at work. My favorite part was feeding the birds. They had seeds on a stick and then you hold out the stick and they fly down to you and land on your hand or stick and start eating. Emma was so excited but everytime a bird flew down and landed the the sticks she was holding she'd scream and drop the stick!

Bryce and Emma feeding the birds

This one was my favorite...granted it didn't do anything except sit there and look kind of life! lol

Look Mommy I did it, I did it! This is actually Bryce's favorite saying!

My turn!

Ahhh, Emma did a great job as long as we handed her the bird on a stick!

Dani was the first one to get at bird to land

Bryce is a Turtle with Turtle Powers!

Silly Emma

Dani and Emma climbed up into this rope web... So now they are caught!

Emma tried really hard to climb up the web ropes....but there were lots of flies and every time one landed on her she freaked out!

Dani is the out Emma! Dani is so creative and we are so blessed to have her as our "Nanny" She really loves our kids and they love her!

So from what I was told the brown thing is fake Flamingo poop. They make their nest out of their poop and then sit on their young! Dani is sitting on her "young" Emma!
Bryce is being so silly! He didn't understand what we were doing but it was a cute picture!

Hey were hiding in here!

Go Bryce Go!

Dani, Emma and Bryce....they have way to much fun together!

We truly had a blast learning about animals at the Zoo!