Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

Yeah for me, I turned 23!!! hahaha well not really, it was more like 32 but it Rhymed! LOL. I was "kidnapped" by Linda and Jeni on Saturday to go to lunch for my bday. To my surprise we went to my favorite restaurant. Mongolian Grill\China House!!!
Jeni made this beautiful cake for me. She did AMAZING job and I love the colors!

Linda and Jeni had arranged some friends to come and celebrate with me. left to right Linda, Lisa, Ilene, me, Jeni, Liz, Cindy and Janet. There were actually 2 more, Nancy and Nicole, but they celebrated without me at Red Robins!! hahaha I have pictures and will post as soon as I figure out how to send them from my phone to my email! Maybe we'll celebrate next Sat. too so I can actually be there! lol Love you ALLLL and thank you for making my day extra special!!
On Sunday I was even more spoiled! Flowers, Fruit baskets, homemade cookies, and Island headband showed up! My step Dad came at 9 am to be the first to wish my happy birthday on my birthday. Thank you for my touch screen GPS navigation system Dad and Janice!! Now I can't get lost again!!! love you!
Donnie was so wonderful! Our kids are REALLY sick right now and he took care of them all day for me. He picked up the house and after lunch he brought out the presents! All I have to say is, he done did it right!! After the kids went to bed (at 7pm!!! the best bday present ever!!), Donnie had made me dinner, lit a fire, and put in a movie (The day the Earth stood still). Such a relaxing night with my hubby. I think the best part of the night was my bday dessert....SMORES!!! Oh ya!
I feel so blessed to have all of you guys in my life, friends and family. I love you all.

Happy Birthday Bryce!!! 2 years old

Happy Birthday Big guy!! This picture is a little blury but adorable! We had to relight his candle for he blew it out before we finnised singing Happy birthday!! It was so cute!
We were actually having a blues clues party but no one sold any Blue stuff anymore, so we did a duel party with Lightning McQueen!!

Here is Bryce opening his presents from his friends! Jeron watched closely to see if Bryce liked what he picked out for him!!

More presents!!!

Our dear sweet friends Linda, Russ and Robbie came over for a Ham dinner with Jeni, Shilo, Dallin and Jeron. Bryce is a carnivor so we made sure there was lots of meat to eat!!

We set up a kids table in the living room! It was so cute to see them actually all sit together and eat dinner.

Shortly after dinner we did BUBBLES!!! We had a bubble machine and hooked it up for the kids. It was fun to watch them trying to pop them all!

My Lightning McQueen cup!

The spread and friends!! Happy Birthday Bryce you are our pride and joy.