Thursday, November 25, 2010

Daddy, wanna see my tooth wiggle?

That tooth must have been loose for a month. We'd check it daily. Then one night, Emma hops out of bed and says "Daddy, aren't you going to check my tooth?"
"Yep, that's getting pretty wiggily. Do you want me to yank it out?"
Just as Emma says "Sure" while wiggling the tooth, it pops out in her hand with no further effort.

One visit from the tooth fairy later, Emma is one tooth poorer and one dollar richer.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Builder Emma and Builder Bryce

Emma and Bryce help put the finishing touches on our latest project.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Science Time With Emma

   I was throwing a babyshower for a friend and the theme was butterflies.  We decided to actually hatch butterflies and but them around her garden during the party.  So we ordered some catapillers and watched the process happen right before our eyes!  I had 2 baskets at my house and every morning the kids would get up to see if anything had happened.  You try to explain things but you just never know if they are really listening. 
  Yesterday I was trying to get some of my work done and Emma was underfoot, so I gave her 3 pieces of papers and told her to go draw me something.  This is what she drew and how she explained it.  To me, I thought it was AMAZING!  She did it all on her own with no help or supervision from me!  Smart girl!

                                                   First the caterpillar climbs up a tree.
                                Second, it lays in a sealed coccoon, and you know what happens?

                                   Then, it cracks open. And it was a pretty, pretty butterfly!
                                                               The End

Monday, April 26, 2010

Prepare to blast off at Pizza Planet!

Countdown to fun!
10! 9!



6! 5!




Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The midnight sleep snacker

At 3 am last night Donnie heard Bryce wake up. Eventually he went downstairs to see how he was doing. He was a little surprised by what he found! He found Bryce asleep in the big chair and in his little hands were a container of vanilla frosting!!! But he wasn't just holding the container he had it opened and with his fingers stuck in it!!! Looks like he got a few licks too!
Time to lock up the pantries and the refridgerator we have a Midnight Sleep snacker!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Emma Philosophy

Shopping at Target.
Me: "Emma do we have this Wallace and Grommit?"
She studies the movies for a few seconds really hard and then says,
Emma: " Nope....that means we can buy it!!!" and throws it in the cart! Then proceded to explain if we have it we can't buy it but if we don't then we can!
hahahahahaha.....I really hope that isn't the case for I don't have the room in my house to buy 1 of everything in this world!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patricks Day...Green eggs and Ham....and potatoes....and peas....and milk!

Happy St. Patty's Day!! Emma was so excited to dress in all green today! When she came home from Bright Start she said that the leprechaun makes messes! It was so cute! I decided to attempt to make Green Eggs and Ham for the kids as Donnie was working late. I wanted them to have these cute memories of Mommy doing fun things for them! So I went to work! It was fun and easy to make but it kindof looked gross in the end...but tasted good.

Emma thought it was "yuckie" at first and wasn't willing to try it!
But as soon as Emma knew it as the leprechaun that had made the dinner, she was willing to try it. Though she saw me make it, I love this age!
Bryce, yet again, woke up sick. So he didn't eat all day and slept a great nap. But he couldn't turn down his favorite....HAM.
But he didn't want to try anything else at first!

Neither did Emma! But she gave it a Green light!

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Hammmmmmmm! By the end, they were so excited that they called Daddy and told him everything. Emma said in her prayer, "Thank you Mr. leprechaun for making messes and yummy green dinners!" She said that it was her favorite dinner ever! Bryce....well....he just asked for more ham!

Rainbow cupcakes!

I had saw this recipe in a fun family magazine and had to try it! This is a several layered color cupcakes. It was messy to make but adorable!

Yum, Yum! We made some for a friend who found out they were having a boy!

Road Trip!!!

Donnie's sweet Grandma Wickard had passed away and we wanted to go to the funeral. So we took our kids on our first road trip ever!
We had some scary moments at night....never drive a pass at night during the winter! The semi's are not nice to mini vans in the snow!

we tried to keep the kids entertained with movies and fun boxes. Here is the butt of Bryce's lamb which we left at the first hotel! Such an aweful feeling knowing we left his favorite stuffed animal somewhere where we were not! The hotel was so great to us and kept it aside and we picked it up on the way back.

Uncle John did 4 things on our trip....Slept, talked, flirted (with the sister missionaries, waitresses well any lady...) and ate! We love him and are glad he was able to come with us!!!

Bryce was so sick and was developing a double ear infection! Thank you Uncle John for putting up with the crying! Here they are passed out.
We had a great trip!

Temple Square....Salt Lake Utah

We had the most amazing time in Utah at Temple Square! We had our own person tour guide through it all starting with Uncle John.

The refective pool has very special meaning to Donnie and I. I had gone on a trip with a friend and went to Idaho and Utah. Donnie and I were just dating at the time and it was our first time being away from each other. So he wrote me this letter and I couldn't open it until I was sitting at the reflective pool! Talk about torture for I had to go to Rexburg first and then the next day to Utah! So by the 2nd day we went to Temple square and saw the sites and I was able to open the letter while I was sitting by the refective pool. It was the most romantic and spiritual letter I have ever received. He shared his testimony and hinted at his love for me! For us being there together felt like we came full circle.

Here we are at the original conference center...Bryce was starting not to feel good and started to throw a fit, which everyone heard!

We are so greatful to have found some sisters that were willing to give us a tour. I loved them and they were so great with Emma and teaching her things. Here they are showing Emma how the Pioniers cut the granit into blocks for the Temple. She is showing how smooth the side they did by hand vs. by machine.

The best tour guides ever!

Just some of my favorite pictures I took.

Bryce was in awe on how tall the Temple was.

So cute!! Daddy and Uncle John let her knock on the door of the temple but explained what it takes to enter the Temple when she is older.

When I saw this statue....the spirit was so strong in my heart that I couldn't control my crying. I am so greatful for the Priesthood and thankful to have it in my home.

Love this picture!

Uncle John and Emma!

Out of several attempts we got at least one picture with our sickie boy that was a keeper!

Daddy and Emma learning time....

Bryce just wanted to play or cry.....
We are so greatful we were able to go on this trip and see the Temple and family. Great memories!