Monday, April 28, 2008

Springtime: Time to Spring!

As you can see it's picture day for the Meldrum kids! It takes a pretty fast exposure speed to make our kids look like anything other than a blur, especially now that Bryce is walking around, asserting his independence.

We have a lot of things to catch up on, from birthday parties to hospital visits to school and beyond...

Emma turned three-years-old and magically grew out of the "terrible twos" at the stroke of midnight. Actually, Emma has had a rough time since her last birthday. She had siezures one morning and had to be taken to the hospital. Concerned about her health, the pediatrician referred us to a neurologist for a series of tests over the next few weeks. We're happy to say that the professionals are no longer concerned that she has epillepsy, but we'll still be on the lookout for any symptoms in the future.

Bryce had a big birthday party at the Children's Museum at Seattle Center. We had a jungle theme, with a jungle cake and jungle animals, all in the jungle room. Many friends came to celebrate with us and Bryce got more than enough sugar for the day.

Donnie started his new quarter at school and is working evenings at the college, heading the workshop for Discrete Mathematics. The job came up out of the blue, but it will sure help us get through until summer vacation.

Christina has been practicing cake decorating and made several purse cakes for Relief Society. Plus she has new calling as the Relief Society Music Director, which gives her a chance to practice the music theory she learned taking harp lessons. The church website makes it a lot easier to practice the hymns before each Sunday.

Enjoy these pics of the kids!


Rose Johnson said...

Sooo CUTE & COOL! Sorry we didn't make the birthday party. Did you do both of those cakes? They're great! :)

Fideles Four said...

Wow, love the cakes! Looks like a fun pool party!! Happy Birthday Emma!