Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Potty training time!!

Wow! It is that time! Time to tinkle in the potty. We were trying everything we could to get Emma potty trained. We tried stickers (no luck), we tried just going all day bare bummed (with no luck again but with lots of muck!) and we finally resorted to suckers. That was kindof working though I hated the thought of her getting a sucker first thing in the morning before breakfast. We had a friend suggest doing a prize box filled with goodies that Emma would love. So off to the dollar store we went and had a family fun filled day of potty prize pickings! LOL
Donnie was just as excited as Emma, He was the one that wrapped the box up and printed the little sign on the box! We spent about an hour unwrapping boxes and packages and put everything inside. There were a few things she absolutely wanted. She wanted the flute so bad and we kept telling her no, not until she went on the potty, boy did she cry. She kept running to the potty and sitting on it with no success, which upset her. But we stuck to the plan....no prizes unless you tinkle in the potty.

Then the next day....SUCCESS!!

Emma went on the potty! YEAH!! She was so excited and of course she picked her flute and a sucker! I didn't mind her getting both this time....LOL

Emma with her flute, sucker and in her panties! She's a big girl now! So far she has earned 5 glitter bugs (bugs like dragon flies, flies, beetles, but with glitter on it!) 3 pinwheels, 2 flutes, barbie laptop, sillie puttie, shrek puzzle and a squishie ball. We try everyday and now she goes at least once a day but I know that we still have a long way to go but we are so proud of her!


Debbie Murdock said...

I'm so proud of you Emma!!! Soon you'll clear out your potty basket and Mom and Dad will need to get you even BIGGER prizes!!!

Anne Corey said...

Way to go, Emma! What a BIG girl. Cute panties, too! Love, Aunt Anne