Friday, August 21, 2009

Daddy is just plain FUN!!!

Oh Boy! The kids just love their daddy, all they want to do is hang on him, climb on him and tickle him. Emma and Bryce beg for his attention all the time so I decided to capture on camera some of Daddys creative kids entertainment....the picture above is Donnie doing the "monster dance" with Emma and Bryce on his feet. He will dance and jump up and down and attempt to walk with the two clinging on for dear life!

It's "Monkey swinging time"! We finally have a great broom to do this, just a side note...if you try it make sure you have a broom that the bottom actually screws onto the pole! Otherwise bye bye baby! hahaha. This is a HUGE hit in our house! The kids take turns swinging back and forth, Donnie sure does get a work out with them!

Emma is Laughing so hard, she could barely hold on! so funny and cute

Emma and Bryce LOVE music so musical chairs it is! But don't ever let Emma lose, she will throw a fit! I am incharge of the remote to turn the music on and off for the 3 of them to play.

CHEESE! Sorry Bryce, I guess you were out this round! We love spending time as a family and greatful for a fun Dad!


Stephanie said...

I love that you guys play musical chairs. That is so cute. What great daddy time!

Jeremy and Immer said...

Donni is such a great daddy! It seems like the kids had a lot of fun playing with him.