Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow time in Utah!!!

While in Utah we drove up to Park City to go tubing. There's a great place called Gorgoza Park right off the freeway.
Here's Emma striking a pose with her winter style!

"Smile for Mommy so she can make a tubing scrapbook page!"

This is the kiddie section. We thought we'd see how Emma and Bryce did dragged around in the snow. Bryce's next goal is to become an Olympic curling stone.

WEEEEEEE!! Faster, Faster!

We played around on the bunny hill.

Daddy on the bunny hill!!!

Bryce made it all by himself on the bunny hill!

Mommy and Emma....We made it!!!! We went on the medium hill. It was so fast and Emma wanted to go again right away! So all four of us went down holding onto each other. Bryce loved it at first until I put my boot down to slow us down and snow flew up onto his face, then he cried.

Here's a view from the middle hill. Daddy actually went on the BIG hill while we waited!! Emma really wanted to go but she was just 1 year to young. I was to chicken! hahahaha

How can you fall asleep now?
Bryce started not feeling well and actually fell asleep while tubing!

Here is Mt. Emma where she blasted everyone with snowballs! Honestly that is all she cared about!! We started to leave and she didn't get to throw one at us yet and got we let her throw some and left happily! We love the snow and can't wait to go back and play again.


Fideles Five said...

Looks like you all had fun! I think the one where Bryce fell asleep was so cute!
Miss you guys!

Anne Marie Corey said...

Brycie! So cute in the tube.

Dave and Brianne said...

How fun! We never got any snow, so you had to go far away to find some!