Thursday, March 18, 2010

Road Trip!!!

Donnie's sweet Grandma Wickard had passed away and we wanted to go to the funeral. So we took our kids on our first road trip ever!
We had some scary moments at night....never drive a pass at night during the winter! The semi's are not nice to mini vans in the snow!

we tried to keep the kids entertained with movies and fun boxes. Here is the butt of Bryce's lamb which we left at the first hotel! Such an aweful feeling knowing we left his favorite stuffed animal somewhere where we were not! The hotel was so great to us and kept it aside and we picked it up on the way back.

Uncle John did 4 things on our trip....Slept, talked, flirted (with the sister missionaries, waitresses well any lady...) and ate! We love him and are glad he was able to come with us!!!

Bryce was so sick and was developing a double ear infection! Thank you Uncle John for putting up with the crying! Here they are passed out.
We had a great trip!


John said...

What is the meaning of this!! I can
t beleive you posted that picture of me!! IT's HIDEOUS! You're on my list : )

Donnie and Christina said...

LOL! Your hilarious John!!! You told me too!!!! I thought it was nicer then putting it on FB....but dare me and I will!!! LOL love ya