Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Science Time With Emma

   I was throwing a babyshower for a friend and the theme was butterflies.  We decided to actually hatch butterflies and but them around her garden during the party.  So we ordered some catapillers and watched the process happen right before our eyes!  I had 2 baskets at my house and every morning the kids would get up to see if anything had happened.  You try to explain things but you just never know if they are really listening. 
  Yesterday I was trying to get some of my work done and Emma was underfoot, so I gave her 3 pieces of papers and told her to go draw me something.  This is what she drew and how she explained it.  To me, I thought it was AMAZING!  She did it all on her own with no help or supervision from me!  Smart girl!

                                                   First the caterpillar climbs up a tree.
                                Second, it lays in a sealed coccoon, and you know what happens?

                                   Then, it cracks open. And it was a pretty, pretty butterfly!
                                                               The End

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Jeremy and Immer said...

She is so smart Christina! I love those pictures and it's nice that you put them on your blog. Those are the things that make you cry when the kids get older.