Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Garden

When we purchased our house, there were many things I was looking forward in doing.  Starting a garden was literally at the top of the list!  But I have never gardened before and wasn't quite sure how to get started. So I enlisted my my friend Jamie for the veggies and Laura for the flowers and Wow, what a successful garden.  

                                             Our front yard, the daffodils are starting to bloom.

 We had maybe 2 red tulips out of 180 bulbs planted!  We had all yellow and white flowers of all kind...crazy

 Donnie was so sweet and built me 2 large garden planters.  Also painted them so they would last several years.  Here is the start of my garden.  Luckily we get tons of sun so our garden grew insane crazy wild!
                                                  Very tiny but super sweet strawberries
    Our garden progression! One thing I learned...plant the white onions deeper!  We love the  lettuce!                          Potatoes are growing!

    We cheated and bought tomatoes starts.  I was worried at first, but now...wow we have        TONS of huge juicy tomatoes!

Some broccoli, carrots and potatoes.  If you see our carrots now, they are HUGE...Our cucumbers didn't come in, but really I have to say this was a huge success.  We were able to share so much of it with our neighbors...it was a wonderful experience.

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