Sunday, July 27, 2008

4th of July!!

Ok, So I am a little late posting this blog. I think I may have to post a few different ones all at once for time is running by us so fast. We decided to have a family day 4th of July. So we didn't go anywhere or do anything until 7pm!! Yes in otherwords LAZY Day!! hahahaha

Emma and Bryce had fun digging in the hay stack for candy and little plastic toys. We had gone to Celebration park for the fireworks.

They were so adorable in their 4th of July outfits. Daddy had fun too helping them out with the "hunt"

Bryce and Emma were waiting ever so patiently for the fireworks. We were so amazed on how good they were on staying on our blanket and not running off. We played with bubbles and sang songs until it was almost time.

Bryce has grown up so fast I can't believe that he is now 1 year 3months old. He loves to run and scream with laughter. He can be naughty too though. He loves to get into the refridgerator and take stuff out and carry it into the living room. Emma sometimes will look at him and say "no Bryce" then pick up whatever he has taken out and put it on the counter unbeknownst to us! We will ask each other who put the sauces on the counter and come to find out it was Emma!! lol.


Debbie Murdock said...

No worries about being behind, I totally understand! It was cute to watch Bryce tear through that hay. I still have an image of him in my head not being able to walk or even roll over so it's weird to see him up and walking.

Donnie and Christina said...

they grow so fast!! He started walking around 10 months. Emma was 8 almost 9 months so they are pretty close.