Friday, July 18, 2008

Thomas the Train is here!!

Yeah!! Thomas the Train came to visit us here in Washington state! Emma and Bryce love trains, though they didn't know Thomas too well until NOW! We drove up to Snoqualmie Falls to the train museum and entered Thomas' world. We had plenty of fun activities to do until our turn came to ride Thomas!
Here is a picture of us in front of Thomas. Unfortuantly I looked away, but it was a great picture of the kids so I don't mind making the sacrifice! lol!

Here we are again with the Conductor (I think!). Haha...Donnie just told me it is the Mayor! I don't think Bryce Harley smiled for any pictures; he missed his nap and was really tired. His favorite part was the pupet show. Both he and Emma laughed so hard.

Here comes Thomas! It was a wonderful welcome for him to come in as soon as we arrived.

Thomas took us on a 25 min train ride and right over the falls too! It was beautiful, the only sad part is we were in the very back and on the wrong side to see everything. But we now know for next time.

They had a little tattoo station and Bryce Harley and Emma both got their Thomas the train temporary tats!

Here is Emma laughing during the pupet show! She loved it so much she saw it twice!!

I know she looks bored here but she is not, she is waiting patiently for the train to start. I stuck the camera out the window to get a shot of her looking out at everyone.

Mom and the kids! I love this picture!!

Daddy and the cute!!

Emma and Bryce coloring and stamping, they had tons of fun. Emma also went jumping on the bouncy tent. There was also a place to play with trains hands-on. We enjoyed our family time together. I also ran into some old friends...what a small world!


Debbie Murdock said...

I love the picture of Emma looking out the window. That looks like so much fun.

Fideles Four said...

Looks like a great adventure as a family! :) Love the pictures!!

Vanessa & girls

Olson Clan said...

I am so jealous! I knew about this but never seem to actually make it there. Maybe next year.