Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just call him Mr. President!

Donnie is now officially the Upsilon Pi Epsilon or (UPE for short) President! This is UW Tacoma chapter International Honor Society for Technology Professionals. He is really excited in getting this Honor. Some of his duties include picking new members to invite, officiating or cordinating the induction ceremony among many other duties.
Good Job DADDY!!!


Debbie Murdock said...

Sweet...good job buddy! You're gonna have to get a trophy case with all the school stuff you're racking up!

John said...

Donnie, you are da man! I guess one of the Meldrum boys had to get the brains. I 'll claim the music department. Keep up the good work!

Anne Marie Corey said...

Donnie, that's awesome. Congrats! You're amazing. We all love you and support you. Keep up the good work.