Monday, April 6, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens

The Monsters WON!! hahaha Emma and her friend Jasmine (from preschool) were able to hang out together for a fun friend day! They started out playing for almost 2 hours together at the Gym where Jasmine's mom works\workout at. I joined about 3 weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised to see Alisha in the Kids Zone working! Yeah! We all met up at the movie theater to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. The girls were so excited to see a movie together that they talked about it for days...before and after! The girls had popcorn, drinks and candy and sat together throughout the whole movie. They both were extremely good and very still (which is surprising for Emma!). It was so adorable when they both would giggle at the same thing in the movie and look at each other and laugh harder. Emma is very thankful for her friends!


Anne Marie Corey said...

Ok, which one was the monster and which one was the alien? Sorry, couldn't resist. They look so cute together. Give everyone big hugs and kisses from the Corey's. Love you!

Jeremy and Immer said...

Emma looks so cute! Did she like the movie? I love when little kids want to spend time with their friends, they are amazing!