Thursday, September 4, 2008

First flight for Bryce!

So our flight wasn't to bad, we had just made the flight so no waiting at the airport for us! But when we flying over the east coast we saw some action of Hurricane Fay. The picture above is us flying over lightning! Makes a cool picture if you can catch it, but unnerving to fly over! lol
Donnie said this was his first long flight and as for Bryce, it's his first ever. He did GREAT!!! No crying because of ear pain on the way to Florida but a little on the way back.

Emma was soooooo excited to go on our trip. She kept telling our friend Travis about going (he was taking us to the airport...Thank you Travis and your family for everything!). We put on some princess pajamas for the late night flight. She stayed up till about 2 am then crashed just for us to wake her up 3 hours later to get off the plane!
The flight back was pretty good too, a little bumping. And I think the kid that threw up in front of Donnie during the landing would agree with my statements here! Poor kid! Thanks Jeni for the pick up! Traffic was so bad at the airport it took her almost an hour to lope around twice!


Rose Johnson said...

Glad you had so much fun on your trip!! Everyone should get to go once!

Anne Corey said...

Donnie has this look like, get me out of here. I'm so done with this. I'm glad you survived.

Debbie Murdock said...

I'm glad the kids did well on the flight. That can make or break your trip in an instant.