Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Princess Emma!!

Emma is princess for the day in Disney World! It was an amazing experience to share with her. Outside the Castle was the Fairy Godmother in a meet and greet setting, but they had cut off the line and told everyone to come back at 1:15. I was bummed because the Fairy Godmother is one of Emma's favorite parts of the movie. I had mentioned that we would not be able to come back then for we had an appointment at the Biddi Boddi Bo Botique, the Fairy Godmother then reached her arms out for Emma....took a picture and asked if she would like for her to walk her to the Castle where the Botique was! How exciting...Emma said yes and off they went. It brought tears to my eyes...once they arrived to the Botique She very loudly announced that "Princess Emma has arrived" and then continued to talk with her, hug her and Emma danced for her!!

The Fairy Godmother! Isn't she pretty!!

Emma is dancing for her inside the Botique.

Emma doesn't like her hair done, so they had 2 workers helping her out. One was reading princess stories while the other was doing her hair.
Almost Done!! Makeup and glitter time is next!!!

It is so amazing how great they are with kids. Emma never made eye contact with her nor did she really answer any questions, but the Fairy Godmother was so sweet to her!

After she was all done in the botique we went on a quick ride, (its a Small World after all!)
and then she had lunch with the princess's! Those pics on next posting!


Rose Johnson said...

What cute fun~

Summer said...

How fun! We are going to Disney World in November and I am soooo excited! I know Grace will be too young to be the princess but she actually picked out a Princess onesie at the Disney store to wear there. (I held up two and she picked the one she liked)

Debbie Murdock said...

Princess Emma could definitely play a tiny Cinderella in a feature film. So adorable!!!

Anne Corey said...

What a doll! She looked so happy with the Fairy God Mother. Dreams really do come true!

samnricci said...

It looks like Emma was lovin it all! You got alot of great pics for Emma to always cherish. The magical kingdom really is magic, isn't it!? I can't wait till we go back when the girls are older!

Grams Fanshaw said...

That was so nice. Thanks. I felt like I was on vacation with you. Glad you had such a good time.


Oma Chinske said...

Dear Christina and family,

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful site. My your two children are
absolutely adorable.
One would have to see them in person some day, and listen to them talk and play and
interact . My how sweet, and I hope your move goes well for you and that the kids
are excited again to check out their new surroundings.
I know that Grandpa Bruce and Cheryl would love to hold these two precious children as
it is so far away, but someday, I hope they can see all of you again.

Thank you so much.
Love Oma Chinske